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They are simple, nice and casual, but extremely well done and pleasing. And with that price, how can you say no? Mar222016 learnincurve I managed to get the EDP at a big discount from their site as it was being discontinued, now I'm sad I didn't buy more and stock up. It's a simple "less.

Better luck next time, I guess. I think this is the one "very sweet" fragrance I've smelled in a long time that didn't make me either recoil or run outside for fresh air. Normally I feel a bit headache-y or nauseous after smelling something so sweet, but somehow I really like this fragrance. Certainly not.

I find it to last quite well on my skin. Very modest sillage. I love to wear this one. To me it is comforting and warm. Oct042016 Yukarin A lot of people said that this perfume symbolizes me very well. i fell in love with this perfume since one year ago. i have the 50ml.

The body shop white musk libertine review

Body Mists.

now what I love about Baby Lips: The look adorable. The colorful packaging and the cute font totally brings a smile on my lips. Cherry Kiss is a tinted cherry pink the body shop white musk libertine review lip balm. I bought it in two colors Coral Flush and Cherry Kiss. Coral Flush is a sheer sorbet orangey lip balm.

If I sniff real hard and think about what Im SUPPOSED to мускус бобра отзывы где купить be smelling, I can find a lingering hint of incense and a light touch of musk, but it is cowering in the background of an overly sweet candy like B.O. This is not to say I dislike it- It's alright. Far too sweet.

Apr272016 lucie_fla Im using it right now, and i love it! I have the EDP. It smells a bit sharp at first, a little too spicy for my taste, but after about 1 hour, it smells delicious! really sweet and delicate. but the base notes surprise me the most, the sweetness faded, i smell like.

The body shop white musk libertine review:

Love the name White musk smokey rose. Nah. i want to smell smokey rose. and it feel like smoke i can smell hint of tobacco. Musk and rose. Perfect for evening and in the nightclub. So seductive. Unfortunately its just 2-3 hours on my skin Jun302016 Butterball A couple years ago, when White Musk Smoky.

Great Price. Look absolutely great on matte lips. They add a bit of shine and moisture to the lips. They badly remind me of my favourite Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Lip Balms. I only wish that these were more pigmented than they already are. On my slightly pigmented lips, I dont see a dash of.

Perfume Pyramid Top Notes. Middle Notes Base Notes Main Notes According to Your Votes Loading. Sillage drag slider to vote. User votes soft 37 moderate 60 heavy 16 enormous 8 This perfume reminds me of 1 no yes Advertisement White Musk Smoky Rose Fragrance Reviews MissLola I have the perfume oil. Is it just me.

cherry Kiss Price : Rs 150 I have been waiting for Baby Lips to launch in India since the time I read the review. HERE Claims the body shop white musk libertine review : Visibly renewed lips and 8-hr hydration The secret: Exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20. Maybelline Baby Lips Coral Flush,sleek Blush in Rose Gold Review Maybelline the body shop white musk libertine review Baby Lips Coral Flush, swatch. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix Review Nivea Fruity косметика афродизиаками Shine Pomegranate Tinted LipBalm Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm Photos, cherry Kiss Review, swatches.

I certainly smell the rose and musk, and spice as well. Longevity is decent, I get a few hours out of it on my.

Seriously, if the perfume oil is available in your country, get out there and buy it! Thanks Body Shop for cranking out quality scents for a cheap price! May112016 Coconutmusk This was a blind buy I felt would be safe. I love rose, I love dark and smokey scents and I LOVE musk (The Body.

There is definitely a smokiness to it. And for the price, who would've thought it would last for 8 hours plus! Great sillage as well. Since I'm Canadian, we have the Smoky Rose perfume oil in TBS stores here. Yay! So last week I went and bought a 20 ML perfume oil. Guess what? It's.

Oct012016 mirrorghost this isn't really all that smoky but it is kind of musky. it's rose, cassis and pink pepper with musk primarily. it has that jammy rose that i've seen to smell a lot of lately. it's reminiscent of lush's rose jam but less lemony and more spicy. it's pretty and while it could.

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I sometimes find rose-based perfumes a bit "sharp" and janglingly intrusive but to me the most obvious note in this one is something spicy, I would have said possibly cloves but they're not listed in the official description. There's autumn fruit in the mix too and a sort of musky depth that I find quite.

Designers » T-Z » The Body Shop Oriental Floral « Groups I have it. I had it I want it I have it: 368 I had it: 97 I want it: 112 My signature: 2 main accords rose musky floral soft spicy balsamic fruity White Musk Smoky Rose by The Body Shop is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.

However for me, it's perfect. I love the crisp musk, sweet jammy roses with hint of smoky spice. When I wear it I feel very well put together, the way a new stylish outfit makes you feel. As others have pointed out the quality isn't stellar, just ok. But, on the other hand it's cheap.

this one is sweet арабские масляные духи luzane отзывы and maidenly, this one is of high quality, unintrusive and more suitable for the young than the old. The relatively low price underlines this impression. Mar072016 bronstein As it the body shop white musk libertine review is most often the case with Body Shop's scents, neither really smokey nor rosey but somehow aptly titled nevertheless.dec062016 lollipopsneeze Very sweet jammy Turkish roses with tobacco musk. I the body shop white musk libertine review love it! Moderate longetivity and sillage. Dec042016 cake n' cuddles In the year of 2015 I found myself very infatuated with the white musk line at the bodyshop. It reminds me of Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance without the patchouli.with a milky creaminess. Like spiced and roasted black pu Er or chicory tea leaves, there is indeed a smoky, like a latte. Not as powdery. Musky rose. There is almost a dry woodiness, i found the opening the body shop white musk libertine review kind of plummy tart and much darker overall.

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High heels and kissable lips -what more does a girl need? Have a great week ahead everyone. Also read: Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Care Balm SPF 16 Review, Swatches. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm Photos, Swatches. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Care Balm Photos, Swatches. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Care Balm SPF 16 Review.

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In the beginning it smells good, but when the dry down part in the end comes in, it all smells the same unpleasant plastic sweaty sweet smell. No! big no for me. Feb272017 mmm_331 My favourite scent from The Body Shop also one of my all time favourite. Lasting power is 2-3 hours but given.

It is a juicy black currant and peppery rose duo with a very subtle smoky incense nuance, enveloped by a white musk glow, which gives structure and rounds its character. Fruity roses are more than common these days and this one fits in that group. But what makes it stand out is not only its.

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The Body Shop 'White Musk Libertine' Eau De Toilette 2oz/60ml Spray 24.99 Buy It Now From United States The Body Shop 'White Musk Libertine' Eau De Toilette 3.3oz/100ml Spray In Box 34.99 Buy It Now From United States The Body Shop 'White Musk Libertine' Perfume Mist Spray - 3.3oz RARE 34.99 Buy It Now From.

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